COVID19 Protocols at Longhill Lodge

COVID19 Protocols at Longhill:

At Longhill Lodge, we are continuously monitoring developments and updates on the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus). The safety and wellbeing of our Guests and Team Members is our overwhelming priority. We have always taken immense pride in the standard of hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitisation which our Guests have always been accustomed to at Longhill Lodge.

The COVID19 protocols that we have put in place include but are not limited to:

Personal hygiene is reinforced daily, including the need to wash hands frequently and thoroughly; avoiding touching of eyes, nose and mouth; practicing respiratory hygiene (sneezing and coughing into a tissue that is safely discarded or the crook of the elbow), and avoiding touching one’s face.

All staff have their temperature tested before starting work and must always be wearing masks. Anyone showing temperatures higher than 37.5C, or showing any symptoms, are immediately sent home to obtain medical clearance. Social distancing protocols are in place.

Staff hand sanitisers (70% alcohol based) have been rolled out in back of house areas (such as kitchen, office, laundry, staff rest area and bathrooms) and the staff are instructed to make use of these sanitisers on a frequent basis and wash their hands regularly.

Linen and towels are washed on the hottest wash cycle. All the linen is ironed on a hot setting. Towels are tumble-dried until fully dry and hot enough to kill any potential viral matter. The laundry room is run using a set of protocols that prevents possible cross-contamination.

Sanitiser in all areas contains at least 70% alcohol.

We will always, do everything possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone on the property and as such all Safety Protocols must be followed.

While no one can predict the path of this virus, we are continuously monitoring developments and doing all we can to reduce the risk of potential contamination or spread of disease.

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